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Autódromo Internacional do Algarve


Hat-tricks. Sucker punches. Tiebreak. Every sports game is appealing in its own way. And you love them all. Sure, you have your favourites. But as long as it involves adrenalin, action and competition, you’re a fan.

Refreshing Acqua

We start the season off with a beach inspired theme, where natural shades are combined with refreshing aqua. The design team gives us a peek underwater with both bold and subtle prints of sea creatures.

Sun-faded natural tones

The second theme introduced is inspired by the sun: alongside a vibrant shade of yellow gold, we used sun-faded natural tones such as camel, khaki and white.

Green tones

The final theme with rich green tones and prints of colourful flowers and animals is inspired by lush botanical gardens.

Comfort lies at the core of our brand

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